School of Information Engineering has been built and developed for more than 40 years

Through 40 years of development, the School of Information Engineering of Chang’An University has encompassed five first-level subject areas, i.e., Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Security of Cyberspace. It’s formed an integrated cultivation system for bachelor, master, doctor and post-doctor students. And today it features in majors as Traffic Information Engineering, Intelligent Transportation, Vehicle Electronics Technology and so forth.

The School currently holds 2 doctorate GIFTs: Traffic Information Engineering & Control, and Intelligent Transportation & Information System Engineering. The school is also authorized for master degree awarding in 6 disciplines: Traffic Information Engineering & Control, Intelligent Transportation & Information System Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Network and Information Security, Information and Communication Engineering, and Software Engineering. In addition, there are 8 undergraduate disciplines (programs): Computer Science & Engineering (on Computer Applications Technology), Computer Science & Engineering (on Traffic Information Engineering), Software Engineering, Network Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, Measurement & Control Technology and Instrumentation, and Engineering of Internet of Things. Besides, the school provides programs for engineering master students in the fields of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Computer Technology, and Software Engineering. Among the specialties, the Traffic Information Engineering and Control is entitled as the national key discipline, and also the “Preponderant Discipline on 985 Platform” and “211 Project”.

The school owns distinguished faculty. There are one MOC leveled team for technical innovations, and province leveled key teams for technical creations and teachings. For the 208 staff, there are 143 full-time teachers, including 38 professors and 72 associate professors, as well as 89 master and doctorate tutors. Teachers with doctor degrees amounts to 114, 79.7% of the total teaching staff. Some staff have acquired numbers of medals, e.g. 1 May 1st Labor medalist, 1 candidate for New Century Million Talent Engineering, 1 staff in national Recruitment Program of Global Experts, 2 titled with Prominent Teacher at ministerial and provincial level, 4 for Special Allowance from the State Council, 1New Century Excellent Talent from Ministry of Education, 1for The Third 5-year Talent Project in Shaanxi Province, 3 teachers as Special Term Professors in Hundred Talents Project in Shaanxi Province, 3 titled with Star Teachers in Shaanxi Province, 2 Excellent Talents in Colleges of Shaanxi Province, 3 New Stars of Technology in Shaanxi Province, and 2 nominators of Science and Technology Awards for Shaanxi Youth.

There are 7 departments affiliated to the school: Department of Computer Science, Department of Traffic Information Engineering, Department of Software Engineering, Department of Electronic Information Engineering, Department of Communication Engineering, Department of Internet of Things & Network Engineering and Department of Fundamental Teaching of Computer Engineering; 3 laboratories (experimental centers): Laboratory of Computer Science, Laboratory of Electronic Information and Communication Engineering, Experimental Teaching Center of Computer Technology; 2 provincial demonstration centers of experimental teaching: Shaanxi Provincial Demonstration Center of Computer Science, Shaanxi Provincial Demonstration Center of Intelligent Transportation and Information; 8 research institutes (R&D center): Research Institute of Computer Application, Research Institute of Electronic Information Engineering, Research Institute of Information and Computer Engineering, Research Institute of Traffic information Engineering, Institute of Traffic Computer Technology, R&D Center of Computer Software, Research Institute of Traffic Technology and Intelligent Transportation of Chang’an University, Research Institute of Traffic Information Standardization Technology; 1 Provincial Engineering and Technology Research Center of “13115” Project: Shaanxi R&D Center of Intelligent Road &Traffic Detection Equipment Engineering and Technology; 1 Shaanxi off-campus practical education base for college students: Practical Engineering Education Center of Chang’an UniversityDatang Mobile Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.

The school has achieved outstandingly in teaching and research. In the last 3 years, more than 30 teaching materials, including textbooks, research monographs, and translations have been compiled and published. 150 national, provincial and crossing research projects are undertaken with total contract amount over 60 million RMB. Accordingly, there obtain 4 second awards of national Scientific and Technological Progress, 1 first prize of national Teaching Achievement, 10 more Shaanxi Science and Technology Awards, 3 Science and Technology Awards from China Road Associations, 1 first prize of Science and Technology Awards from China Navigation Associations, and 20 more provincial and ministerial awards in teaching and research. In addition, 100 more applications for national patents are granted, so as 120 more software copyrights. There are 600 research papers published.

The major school research focus mainly on measurement & control technology for distributed networks, computer vision and processing of graphs & images, theory and application of system simulation, theory of signal detection and processing, and theory and application of software engineering. It’s major research areas in the discipline of traffic information engineering and control include: intelligent detecting technology of vehicles and roads, theory and methods of traffic information acquisition and processing, theory and methods of road traffic control, modern traffic system modeling and simulation, theory and application of intelligent transportation systems, and informatization theory and engineering application of traffic industry.

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